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Re: System76 – Galago UltraPro | Archlinux

Now after a few month of using the Galago Ihave a few more tricks. First the palm detection works better with syndaemon (in ~./i3/config):

exec syndaemon -t -k -i 2 -d

And GPU accelerated things on a HDMI screen seem to crash the GPU(or the driver) this is because the driver pretty much expects there to be a compositor. I3 does not come with one so you can just install and use compton(in ~./i3/config):

exec compton -b

This will make it possible to use VLC to playback HD content on the HDMI screen and even steam games work great.

I have also moved away from dmenu and am now using rofi(in ~./i3/config):

bindsym $mod+d exec rofi -rnow -font “snap-10” -fg “#f1f1f1” -bg “#333333” -hlfg “#ffffff” -hlbg “#336699” -o 85

Archlinux galago ultra pro Hardware Linux system76

System76 – Galago UltraPro | Archlinux

So i have recently purchased the Galago UltraPro and as promised i have installed Archlinux on the Galago.

I started out with a plain ArchLinux installation following the guide in the Arch Wiki.  I must admit that I started the installation late at night and that caused me to do some things wrong. So I had to redo some of the steps. If i had followed the guide then the installation of Arch and i3 would only have taken around 15 minutes(if not even less). The only real problem I ran into was with the touchpad. It just did want to work in the standard configuration. It turned out that i needed to install the psmouse-elantech package. After the installation it registered fine and i could start configuring it. The touchpad is actually a clickpad and supports multitouch. I have setup mine to do palm detection and emulate middleclick (so i can paste in my terminals).


Since i am not running any DE i did  not have the gnome/kde session to take care of multimedia keys for eg play pause volume or changing the brightness of the laptop screen.  The solution for this was simple:

bindsym XF86MonBrightnessDown exec xbacklight -dec 10
bindsym XF86MonBrightnessUp exec xbacklight -inc 10

in my  ~/.i3/config did the job.

I am using the “super” key (on the Galago it has a ubuntu log on all other keyboards a windows logo) as a modifier for most functions in i3. So if i want to open up a new terminal i would use super+enter.  On my work computer i have pre set a lot of key combinations to make my life easier. However on the Galago keyboard there is no right super key so i used xmodmap to rewrite the menu key, that i never use anyway:

keycode 135 = Super_R

I must say that I am really happy with my current setup. There is not one thing in the hardware or on my wishlist that did not get to work. Even the HDMI output just worked.

Just a screenshot
Just a screenshot