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Mac OSx on the go

If you have read my previous post about OSx, then you might wonder a bit when i tell you that i am still using OSx. I could have installed Linux or even Windows on the Macbook.

But there are some reasons for me to keep using OSx. First reason being that i paid for OSx.  The other reason being that i like the mobility of the Macbook. I just close the lid and it goes to sleep once opened it’s back.  Yes Windows and Linux can do the same but not nearly as good.

I am really happy with the Hardware ever since i upgraded the Ram to 8GB and installed a SSD as my main disc. I can not really complain about lag since i don’t really see any lag anymore.

What still annoys me, is that since i updated to Lion i have to reboot a lot more than before. It’s due to many things. sometimes it’s just a program that hangs itself up or sometimes it’s even the login screen that get’s stuck (haven’t that for a while though)

I am actually thinking of trying Linux on my Macbook, maybe a dualboot work. It would be interesting to see if i can get Archlinux to work just well with the suspend and hibernation as OSx does.

But a reinstall will probably not happen until i have enough of Diablo 3 (y u no out yet)

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