Enghave Station Pizza & Grillbar [Ordered Out]

We ordered through Pizzaplus.dk. That means that we paid online and had human interaction while ordering.

We ordered our food at 11:15 and the order got confirmed to be at our office 12:30, but as we later should discover, is that they first open at 15:00 on weekends. That was not mentioned on pizzaplus. No idea who’s fault that is but it’s a big minus for Enghave Station Pizza & Grillbar.

After having to wait 4 hours and several phone calls to Enghave Station Pizza & Grillbar, we got the food. The personal at Enghave Station Pizza & Grillbar was friendly but was not very good at danish and they talked very silently, that made it very hard to unterstand what they said.

I had the:

46. Fettuccini spinat
Med spinat, flødesauceog gorgonzola.

It’s pasta with spinach, creamsource and gorgonzola cheese.

It did not taste bad, but i could not taste the gorgonzola, but the spinach was very dominant. Because of that i would give it a Rating: ★★☆☆☆.

In Service i would give it 0 out 0f 5.

The pricing is okay i Paid 49DDK for it, but it was not as much food as i hoped so that draws down and makes the pricing expensive. i give it Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Read on to find out how the Veggie pizza was, that Sandra had.

22. Vegetariana
Tomat, ost, paprika, asparges, løg, champignon og artiskok.

Deep pan. Slightly to much of most of the ingredients which took the overhand on the less than desired amount of champignon but this was still the best pizza I ever had in Copenhagen. I give it Rating: ★★★★☆

However if I wouldnt have had something to do during the extremely long waiting time I would have been so irritated it would have ruined the entire meal. I felt tricked and unsure that we would even get food at all, an excellent way to ruin a customers mood and apetite.

The pizza was very good, but not worth that wait.

Overall rating Overall Rating: ★★½☆☆

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